Introduction to Groundwork for Success

This is designed as a practical guide to building your business quickly and effectively s you build professional connections.

The course contains ideas, structure, routines and insight designed to rapidly accelerate your efforts… It’s a wealth of words. And there is something else. A hidden theme that can deliver you immeasurable success, happiness and peace of mind beyond the world of networking and commerce… A wealth beyond words. It may click for you during the course, or on a review, or perhaps it will be a conversation you have with someone as you explain the course to a friend or colleague. But when you do, you will be finished with chasing the butterflies.

Above all, have fun. People are really interesting, and you owe it to yourself to learn as much about human nature as you can. The very best place to do this is through your own personal experiences. We’ll explore this in detail throughout the training.

The world's simplest recipe

At a macro-level, it’s good to kick off by thinking about where you want to be heading as you navigate this course.

Creating and developing high quality relationships is a skill that helps advance and bring meaning to each of us in all parts of our life.

This course focuses on aspects of forming relationships in the business world because this is the system that our civilisation has chosen largely as a medium and measure of progress towards great outcomes in life, including freedom, the ability to make a contribution, the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your loved-ones will be ok through many situations, and other outcomes.

Now it misbehaved by many that this art of forming and leveraging relationships,to get the outcomes you want is reserved for only a few – some born into privilege and elite families, others the links of prestigious schools, or globally profiled companies, or others who win the articulation lottery, and seem to have a very natural gift for connecting with others.

As we embark, I want to assure that that is not true. No matter your background, education, or even predisposition for public environments, the great news is that all of us can learn to be effective in the art and science of networking for business. This has been shown time and again throughout many generations of companies.

You can join the ranks of influence, financial success, and social contribution simply by working every day on three key elements – the elements we will explore together through this course.

The connectivity effectiveness equation:

  • (SU + P) * A = Connectivity Effectiveness

In both modules 1 and 3 of this course we will be completing many exercises together designed to deepen your self-understanding specifically as it relates to the art of connecting with others in business.

I have a question for you right off the bat though… It’s a question on your current beliefs about Networking.

01-01 The Connectivity Effectiveness Equation
Answering these two questions can be very revealing, and congratulations – you have developed your first element of self understanding here on the business connections course. Use the space below to reflect on your level of belief, and your willingness to do something about it.

In the modules which follow, you are going to be presented with an array of array of step-step formulas and checklists to help you succeed. Some will seem very logical to you and be things you can put in place easily, while others may not feel natural at all.

Our recommendation is to give each of the procedures a try, regardless of whether they feel unnatural on the first time out. Remember that you are doing this course to be exposed to new information that will increase your opportunities for successful growth through networking. We know from experience that over time, some of the routines will stick and become new habits, while others you will probably let go after the course and both of these outcomes are completely ok – as long as you remain focused on your outcome and leverage the share in a helpful way to accelerate your journey.

Start by thinking a little about your individuality.
You have something to offer which no one else in the whole room, noone else in the whole world can offer.

There is an important thread that runs through everything in this training. It is that you are unique, and bring aspects of value into this world that no one ever has, and no one ever can again. That your ability to make a contribution that is unique is as unique as your fingerprints or the pattern of your eyeris.

If for no other personal reasons, let this knowledge of uniqueness give you your own sense of urgency. The world is waiting, anticipating …. For you to make your mark. It is possible for a person to learning everything there is to know about a topic, but without the drive to take action, that knowledge will not produce an outcome. There are many ways to develop, that drive, and here at the start of this training we are going to do a very simple thought experiment to help you embody your very own attitude of progression.

Networking Thought Experiments

Thought Experiment #1 - Accolades in your Future

Picture future success.... See yourself either handed record purchase order by a contact     • receiving a standing ovation or massive recognition by prominent figures     • receiving a major award for an outstanding contribution to an important field Time line - drift out.... Insert, look towards now, see the experiences of your life realign as a pathway. Drift back to now and see a forked pathway. Choose the brighter future.

Thought Experiment #2 - Step to the Best Possible Outcome

Exercise 2 - best possible outcome. Take a piece of paper, on the right, label in one sentence the outcome you want. Move one to the left and write the event that led to the outcome, focus on the relationship that led to that. left again, looking for 4-9 steps that take you from today off to that outcome.

Reflect on these two thought experiments before proceeding with the lesson

01-02 Thought Experiment Review

Let’s close out this first section by locking in your vision for the benefits of networking.

Brainstorm 3-5 benefits you expect to receive as you increase your knowledge and skill in making and deepening connections in the business realm.